Quarantine Stories

Karlee Rivera


Photo of senior Karlee Rivera.

Javier Martinez, Jack Of All Trades

“I really didn’t have anything planned for spring break but to hang out with friends and such. As for after spring break, that’s where the corona virus just ruined everything I was looking forward to. In school and out. In school, there was our senior trip and prom to look forward to. I had also planned to go to a concert and get my licence. It’s like this virus has put a stamp on the world that says “closed”. Online school isn’t new to me, so I’ve adjusted pretty quickly. Doesn’t mean I like it though, this is something I didn’t want to go through until after high school. I’ve been making dumb tik toks out of pure boredom, playing bloxorx on coolmath for long hours on end, catching up on anime, and watching frozen 2 for the 5th time at this point. Once this is all over, there are two things I want to do before anything, get a haircut and go hang out with my friends because so long without being able to do either really sucks. Being part of this historic moment sucks, there is no toilet paper anywhere. Not to mention that we are stuck inside, completely bored out of our minds, or at least I am. If there is one thing I took for granted before all of this, it’d definitely be toilet paper without question.”