Humans of Four Corners

Jonathan Polohronakis


Jonathan Polohronakis playing the French Horn.

Nick Beri, Writer

“I’m afraid of going down the wrong path, Being an overall disrespectful person and resulting to taking toxic substances for problems. I don’t feel like I’m currently going down this path, but I feel this is the age where people start going down the wrong path and I want to avoid going down that path and I don’t know exactly what to do to avoid it. I have goals want to do, I want to become a professional gamer; I love playing video games it truly makes me happy, Kyle Jackson also known as Mongraal inspires me the most. He is 16 years old just like me and he plays professional gaming he enters many tournaments and makes a lot of money; I want to become just like him.” I would have to divide it evenly between Rocket league and Fortnite, I love these 2 games I play them whenever I am able to, mongrall also favors these 2 games that’s how I came to discover him. I also play the French horn, I started about 2 years ago I started to learn it in school then personally bought one to practice. It’s like a side hobby for me I do not see myself pursuing it, but it is a hobby I enjoy doing.” When asked his saddest moment Polohronakis stated “My grandma passed away, I was 12. It was a lot for me to handle as at 12 I was not familiar with a family member dying especially someone so close to me it was just a moment where it did not seem real. If I could see and talk to her again, I would tell her much I love her and how I promise I will be strong for her and I will see her again one day. After everything Now I feel like I can start my life pursue my career and goals and I can’t wait to start, I’m going to be the best me.”