Humans Of Four Corners

Junior Gracie Gillespie


Kate Stout

Junior Gracie Gillespie shares details about her life.

Kate Stout, Writer

“My parents had a lot of marriage issues and in all honesty, I don’t think either of them are telling me the whole truth about why.  Even though I didn’t quite understand what it meant, it was still really, really sad at first.  When my parents got divorced, (my dad) left almost everything to my mom and us kids because he wanted to make sure that we were provided for. So when it was my dad’s weekend, I had to get used to either staying at my aunt’s house or at my grandma’s house.  My dad had a girlfriend at one point, she was just really, really mean she wasn’t kind at all and living with her (was) horrible. She would belittle me and my brother a lot. She lied to my dad a lot about my brother and I, and so he would get really mad at us, even though we didn’t do anything. When he was dating her I fell into a really bad depression because it felt like no matter what I did, I was just always in the wrong.  But as I got older, I learned how to cope with things, I learned how much it wasn’t my fault and that while I took the blame for so much stuff, I don’t have to hold myself accountable anymore. Everybody else may hold me accountable. But it’s not my fault and that’s okay.”