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All 666 of Lil Nas X shoes sold out in under a minute.
Satan Shoe Versus Nike
Nicole VanGilder, Writer • April 14, 2021

Lil Nas X has created a shoe design that is inspired by Satan himself. Using a black and red Nike Air Max 97, Lil Nas X started a copyright infringement...

Credit: Walt Disney Studios
The Rise Of A Heroine
April 12, 2021
Documentary poster for Operation Varsity Blues The College Admissions Scandal. Courtesy of Netflix.
Missing The Mark
March 26, 2021
Junior Gracie Gillespie shares details about her life.
Humans Of Four Corners
Kate Stout, Writer • March 31, 2021

"My parents had a lot of marriage issues and in all honesty, I don't think either of them are telling me the whole truth about why.  Even though...

Humans of Four Corners
Humans of Four Corners
Cianna Sulaimen, Writer • February 12, 2021

“Grew up with a single mother of three wild boys the oldest son doesn’t have the capabilities of most, and the middle child has been stuck...

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