Bonjour, Club Français

What’s up with the French Club?


Club members, senior, Kayla Montan, and junior, Tiffany Valentin, reviewing French words

Breann Weachter, Writer

Recently, the French Club has become an interest among students. The club brings attention to the French culture and helps students learn about the different French customs.

The club has had a rapid growth throughout the last month, which enabled the encouragement for more events to take place. The development caught more student’s interests and the number of attendees raised from about 6 to almost 20 students.

“Initially students liked the idea that a new club started, which they thought was interesting considering that there are no expectations in the club and that it’s a way to share similar interest with a group of friends” senior, Piero Gonzales, said. “Eventually, as the club started planning events, such as Epcot, it could bring in more members due to the fun events.”

The French Club has advertised their club through their fundraising and events. These include selling doughnuts and truffles along with future plans for movie nights.

“It’s great because the growth will spread the culture of the French to the rest of the school,” junior, Dylan Goss, said. “Allowing students to learn more about the outside world, which is really productive for our seniors especially, because, it helps to prepare them for what’s out there.”

The club has developed from just learning about the French culture, to going out and experiencing all things French. The attendance rate rising has helped this occurrence take place and has helped take the experience to a different level.

“It’s going to take them out of the classroom and give them a more immersive French experience as much as we can where we are. It’s just not reading out of a textbook anymore, they’re actually participating.” French Club Adviser, Ms. Ashly Thomas, said.

The students and their adviser, Ms. Thomas are planning many upcoming events for the French Club that they are fundraising for. These trips are helping the students recognize many different kinds of French cultural items. The club has many upcoming events such as their club “sleepover”, Epcot, and going to a local French restaurant.

“Different field trips serve different purposes,” senior, Kayla Montan, said. “At Epcot, we will be challenging members to order menu items in French. For our sleepover night, we will be cooking French foods and pastries. Local French restaurants and cafes will expose our members to foods or drinks they possibly haven’t tried before.”

By introducing the French culture and language to students it has helped many students understand and appreciate the culture a little bit more.

“I personally love the French language and its culture. So, it hasn’t really impacted my life, but improved upon and allowed me to express my already existing love for France within a leadership position,” Montan, said.