Balancing the Two

Students Talk About The Difficulties Of Having A Job And Going To School


Emily Hosek

Junior, Joshua McDowell, pulling out his work attire for his shift after school.

Emily Hosek, Writer

For some teenagers having a job is normal but so is going to school. Many high school students that do have jobs have to learn to balance their classwork with their jobs. Between going to school and having a job, students can learn many skills early in life, such as how to manage their time.

Companies such as Taco Bell, Walmart, and McDonalds will accept applications once a teenager reaches the age of 16.  Another option available for some teenagers is to take is to get a job after high school.

“I’m grateful for my job because it opened me up to meet new people and I like being able to work and gain experience,” junior, Joshua McDowell, said.

Going to school and having a job may be difficult, but most students with jobs have their own way of balancing the two. A benefit of having a job is that it can be a good experience and also beneficial to students wanting to go to college since they can save up their money. As many high school students’ abilities to attend/get accepted to college depends on their grades, some students don’t get scholarships or cannot receive loans. Saving up for college is an ideal way to prepare for student loans.

“My job does help me save up some money for college, but I have been saving up for a while,” junior, Brayden Halidy, said.

Some students get scheduled to work either after school or on weekends, which can leave little time to do assignments or projects for school. This can cause the student to fail a test, or even a class. Some students find it very easy to balance out the two, while others, over time, may find it much more challenging to balance the responsibility of having a job and going to school.

“I manage my time pretty easily. I usually work weekends so that work doesn’t heavily effect my school schedule and not cause issues,” junior, Isiah Minor, said.