How Do Students Handle A Divorce?

Students Share Their Experience After Witnessing Parents Divorce


Nicole VanGilder

Being inseparable to barely knowing each other anymore.

Nicole VanGlider, Writer

A divorce is not always a bad thing. Adults get divorced because they might not be happy, or something may have happened in their marriage. But the most common reasons for a divorce is too much fighting, lack of commitment, and abuse.

Divorce usually means children may lose daily contact with one parent. There are different types of custody circumstances for minors. There is sole physical custody, joint physical custody, sole legal custody, and joint legal custody. Children 13 years old or older, can choose what parent they want to live with if that parent is financially stable. Children under the age of 13 retain their own lawyer who speaks on behalf of the child.

“My parents have been divorced for about 15 years now. I never really knew the reason they got divorced, but I live with my mom and when I use to see my dad, it was once every couple of weeks. When my parents got divorced, I was too young to help my mom, but we had money problems. Now I am able to help out my mom, and things have got much better,” freshman, Christian Santiago, said.

Some parents’ divorce and one of them may become depressed. Freshman, Sarah Carrier’s mother became depressed after a divorce and things did not go well from there.

“After my mom and step dad got a divorce, my mom got very depressed. She stayed in her room most of the time, and stopped taking care of her kids (all four of us). I had to step up as a sister and take care of the house and the kids,” Carrier said.

Depression can be handled many ways. Some handle it with drugs and alcohol, others handle it by sitting alone. No matter how you handle your depression, it is still depression. If you go to classes, or groups, you may get the help you need, and be more successful in the long run.

“My mom started having bad anger, to the point she beat us. One day I reported it and DCF got involved, so now I am in foster care,” Carrier, said.

Divorce isn’t always easy, and some people have different reactions to it. Some become depressed and others become full of anger. It is not always easy to be by yourself, and figure things out on your own. Therefore, if you have anger built up inside or you are feeling depressed, you may try and schedule an appointment with a counselor or a group of people like Sarah’s mother did. You may wind up feeling better, and start living a healthier lifestyle.

“My mom has to go to classes about her anger now, and talk about her divorce with other single moms,” Carrier, said. “She is doing better,  she’s focused and has a new job. She’s much happier and she is a joy to be around.”