Sabrina Joval

Senior Spotlight


Senior, Sabrina Joval poses for picture.

Juan Viruet, Entertainment critic

“My Senior year is going pretty great. It’s going by pretty fast you know, I don’t want it to but it is.  It’s been relaxing so far, like it’s a vibe. Being that it’s my senior year in another school and state, it’s been difficult, I mean I’m still going through it but I’m surviving.  It’s hard because I hardly knew anybody, like my first day I was so scared. I’m not even going to lie, I was scared. But I ended making a lot of new friends and it’s pretty cool and I really enjoy being here. I experienced a lot of new things like the Lock-In and all the other events. But I’m most definitely ready for graduation. Made it this far and I’m going to the University of Tampa for Marine Biology and work really hard to become a Marine Biologist.”- Sabrina Joval