Karlo Jackson

Senior Spotlight


Karlo is sworn into the Navy.

Javier Martinez, Photo Editor

“My senior year went as expected, at first, I thought it was going to be like how you see in the movies, hard and a lot of bullying but it was pretty normal and nothing like that at all. I went to Haines City Highschool my freshman year and came to Four Corners my 10th grade year and have been here ever since. I think I decided to stay here because I really liked the environment and the small size of the school. After high school I plan on joining the Navy and staying there until I retire. I have always wanted to join the military, I originally wanted to join the Airforce but that didn’t work out so I decided on the Navy. My motivation to join was my father because he was in the Marine Core. To prepare myself I’ve been working out every day for two hours to get my body as prepared as possible before I go to bootcamp.”