Former Investor Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Manhattan Prison

Jeffrey Epstein, A Convicted Sex Offender Dies From Alleged Suicide


Victoria Filippi

Sophomore, Kayla Nazario illustrates being forced to remain silent.

Victoria Filippi, Chief Editor

Multi-millionaire rapist Jeffery Epstein was found dead in a jail cell in Manhattan from an alleged suicide. The former financier allegedly hung himself in his cell after being taken off suicide watch on July 29th after initially being placed on suicide watch July 23rd

“I know that he was found in his cell and was considered to be dead by suicide but having little knowledge of the prison system and how there is no respect for those who are pedophiles, I believe he was likely killed by other inmates or even guards,” junior Arianna Carter said.

Prior to his latest charge, Epstein was convicted in 2008 for solicitation of prostitution of a minor mirroring the newest charges he was arrested for. Epstein reportedly served 13 months for the charge in 2008 and became registered as a sex offender in 2010 for the charge. Epstein reportedly, cut a deal with the then U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta avoiding what could have been a longer sentence. 

“I read up on it recently and it made me want to vomit. He actively assaulted a child for his own sick gain and those in his inner circle likely knew about it and didn’t care which not news considering the comment Trump made about him liking girls on the younger side years ago” Carter said.

Epstein’s latest charge was for sex trafficking, where he was being detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center and was found unresponsive in detainment. After being found unresponsive, he was taken to Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The two correctional officers that were in charge of watching Epstein while he was detained have been put on administrative leave as the investigation continues, after reports that they falsified time sheets that state they checked on Epstein. 

“I think it speaks to our faulty prison system and bias in leadership in the United States but while saying that I do believe the guards may have had a hand in his death due to not watching him which would have allowed others to harm him or Epstein to harm himself” Carter, said.

The death comes with waves of conspiracies about whether or not Epstein’s death was a suicide or an premeditated murder to prevent prosecution of other individuals. According to the autopsy performed, Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken, which while can be the result of hanging it is more common in homicides caused by strangulation. 

“I think people will believe whatever they want to believe whether it’s true or not, the autopsy literally says he died of asphyxiation from the hanging,” junior, David Jaimes, said.

Although Epstein’s death looms with controversy one of the main questions that seems to be prominent is what will happen to his victims. In terms of criminal charges, Epstein’s accomplices can still be charged and prosecuted. However, any criminal charges against Epstein will be dropped as he is no longer living. Comparatively, in civil court the victims may still be able to gain property from Epstein or sue for damages against accomplices. While the victims won’t be able to hold Epstein directly for his crimes they will be able to hold his co-conspirators and may receive justice in civil court. 

“It honestly makes me angry. As someone who has experienced sexual harassment and pressure which is no comparison, it’s unfair. What he did to them is criminal and is illegal and if he did commit he likely knew what would happen to those he did traumatize,” Carter said.

Epstein’s death highlights the faults in reporting crimes when it comes to a perception of power, for teens who have faced assault from perpetrators naming their victim can be challenging. Students of all sexes may face criticism for those they name and may feel less inclined to name their abuser for this reason.

“I think it’s just very hard to prove sexual assault and rape cases in general and most of the time, the trials barely go through and the men don’t nearly, get as much time as they should for that type of stuff. It can also ruin the girls reputation where society will look through their dirty eyeglass and think girl is either exaggerating, being too dramatic,  or they’re lying,” Jaimes, said.