Instagram’s Sudden Policy Change?

An example of the post that was widespread on Instagram (

Ty McCurdy, Writer

The new Instagram privacy Policy has caught everyone off guard. Just within a couple of hours, multiple users had the screenshot posted on their story or had it posted on their page. The screenshot states Instagram can use your photos online, use them in court cases against you as well as retrieve everything you’ve deleted including messages. While this did catch a lot of attention from the media, it turned out to be a rumor.

“As a user I saw a lot of videos on it & a lot of people posting it said Anyesa Ramirez.”

Instagram has denied the change in their privacy terms, they announced that the statement wasn’t real earlier this week to the media.

“There’s no truth to this post,” said Stephanie Otway, Policy Communications Manager at Instagram.”

This is a great example of how rumors can affect people & how fast they can spread.

“It definitely got out of control, freaked a lot of people out for no reason, and the rumor spread very quickly throughout social media said sophomore Justice Martinez.”