Luisa Navarrete

Luisa Navarrete’s Talent For Art


Gianna Stathakis

Art created by Luisa Navarrete.

Gianna Stathakis, Writer

Creating art is a talent that senior Luisa Navarrete enjoys expressing herself with. Her art takes many different forms, and her natural ability to utilize art has allowed her to compose various artworks throughout the years.

Navarrete’s interest in art was sparked at a young age, due to her mother being an artist. After observing her mother draw, Navarrete decided it was something that she also wanted to do. She realized that art was something she had a talent for around two or three years ago, when people who saw her work told her that it was exceptional.

“It kind of showed that I was unique in a way, because not everyone can draw or have a talent and be good at it.” Navarrete says.

Her mediums, which are the substances the artist uses to create a piece of artwork, are typically pencils or acrylic paint. Using these materials, Navarrete can create countless different works of art, which usually fall under the category of realistic art.

“I would like to be more creative in like an abstract point of view,” Navarrete says. “Because I just mostly draw based off of references.”

Navarrete frequently creates art in her free time and considers drawing on her friends’ arms one of her favorite ways to do so. Although art is important to her, it is something that she only does for fun. She doesn’t plan to pursue art as her main career in the future.

“If I were to pursue art, I would probably be a tattoo artist or something,” Navarrete says. “That would kind of help people express their art on their bodies.”