Alex Paris


Alondra Medina

Senior Alex Paris looks over a sheet of music.

Alondra Medina, Writer

Creating and listening to music is a passion for senior Alex Paris. His life goal is to be a music producer. He listens to any type of music just to grow and ends up practicing it. Paris finds time for his passions even with all the stress from his education. As a student he makes sure to do his homework so he can begin what he loves to do the most, music. 

“When I’m done with school I usually practice on a piano or the drums or just listen to many artists and songwriters.” Paris says. 

Paris really hasn’t thought about his future that much, but either way he wants to strive on his dedication to music to become a good producer.

“I haven’t thought on that part much,” Paris says,“But of course go to college, graduate, try to get a good education, and try to go for music so I can be a music producer.”

Paris listens to many different types of music, and he would want to keep his love for music and take it with him in the outside world to grow with. For now he is focusing on his education to see what’s next in his life with tunes. 

“I will listen to music any type, practice on it, learn how to play any instrument, and of course learn how to read music.” Paris said.