Disney Live-Actions: Remake Or Retail?

Beloved Classics In Exchange For Profit?


Patrick Deliz

Disney castle at Magic Kingdom.

Patrick Deliz, Writer

Disney has now entered an era of live-action remakes of their beloved classics. Fans are starting to question if they are worth watching, which puts Disney’s brand at stake.

With the recent release of ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ and the upcoming release of ‘Frozen 2’ and ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, Disney is definitely running their budget and expanding their franchise. Some fans and moviegoers however, are disappointed with the outcome of these films and remakes. 

Some of Disney’s live-actions do have good quality, examples being ‘Cinderella’ and ‘101 Dalmatians’. It is these films that give the brand a good reputation, due to their excellent casting and good story line. However, the idea of pushing out live-action remakes or sequels of their classics almost blurs the fine line between quality over quantity.

Another thing to consider is the budget for each of these films. Finances can be a major factor when it comes to production, even when some people don’t realize it. Producers and directors have to make sure they pick the right cast but also make the remake worth it. With the recent launch of ‘Disney+’, movies like ‘Lady and the Tramp’(2019), ‘Mulan’ (2020), and ‘Cruella’ (2020), are a few examples of what Disney has planned to showcase as a platform for the future.

Here are the scenarios: Disney can make the remake live-action(s) and it can be successful, which can greatly help Disney’s stocks and expand their franchise. On the other hand, the film can flop, which can cripple Disney’s brand and franchise, distancing some fans and moviegoers from watching.

Another crucial factor to Disney’s franchise is its’ watch-ability. Would the general audience enjoy sitting for an hour and a half watching the remake, or film sequel? These are things to consider when in the works of a possible future franchise. There are times where the idea of a live-action can seem unusual, but can be really good quality. Others sound good in theory, and they can disappoint.

To be honest, Disney is treading on a very dangerous path, and while there are ideas that could turn out to be some of the best franchises, there is a time and place for everything. I look forward to seeing what Disney can bring to the big screen.