Athletic Spotlight

Justin Padron


(Photo Credits: Carlos Santos)

Senior, Justin Padron poses with his soccer team after a tough game.

Nicole VanGilder, Writer

While dribbling the ball down the field, many thoughts are going through Justin Padron’s head. With not only soccer season, but also his high school career coming to an end, Padron is hopeful for the future.

“My plans are to go to college and study medicine and become a physician. I love soccer, but having the sport as a lifestyle is not for me,” Padron says.

Padron has been playing soccer for many years and the sport has found a place in his heart because of it. Some may judge him because of his physique, but he shows them differently.

“I feel good on the field overall regardless of the outcome of the game. I like it when they call my number because at first, the players think because I’m big, I’m not fast. I prove them wrong every time,” Padron says.

As a team, they have dedication on the field. When people come out showing their support, it does not only make Padron feel good, but as well as the coaches and the other players.

 “My insecurities about the team is our passing, and shot making. Sometimes our passing is not as accurate as we want them to be, our shooters have shots sometimes they do not take. The boys soccer team here at Four Corners is very underestimated. So winning at home, and with the support, we had proved that we can be a good team as well as others,” Padron says.