Alumni Of Four Corners: Julianna Benz


Jules with her decorated cap for graduation.

Ty McCurdy, Writer

Q:  Can you describe your cheer experience last year?

Last year was a really enjoyable year for me because we were back to back grand champions.

Q:  Where did your passion for cheer start and how far are you wanting to take it?

My passion for cheer really took off when I got to join an all-star cheerleading team and I think it was because of the lights! 

Q:  How did the position to cheer in college get offered to you? 

I applied to make the team through a video because I missed tryouts due to having a competition with FCUS and still made it! 

Q:  Has it made any obstacles for you being a student and also working?

It never made obstacles until I had to make cheer my job in college. Here, we aren’t really able to have off campus jobs.

Q:  Are there any similarities between high school cheer and college?

In college cheerleading, we do stunts that are so illegal in high school. They’re scarier, higher and more elite for sure. 

Q: Where are going to school and what for?

I go to Saint Leo University for biomedical health sciences.

Q: What are some long term goals you have?

Education wise, a long term goal I have is to help babies that can’t breathe or function normally.

Q: Do you have any goals as a cheerleader? 

I’d like to become a stronger tumbler, but I fly in most stunts throughout our routine anyways, so I’m also okay with that.

Q: What’s something from Four Corners that you carry with you now that you’ve graduated?

I consistently carry the friendships I’ve made with the girls on the team, and Coach Araujo for sure.