Instilling Etiquette And Communication

Fashion And Etiquette Club Sparks Creativity In DIVAS


Nicole VanGilder

Sophomore Ayonna Black’s design for sophomore Juan Carlos Restrepo Jimenez.

Nicole VanGilder, Writer

Being involved in the Fashion and Etiquette Club, teaches students how to be creative and teaches students how to handle themselves. Regardless of the situation, the Fashion and Etiquette Club influences students to act maturely and responsibly. 

“I felt the need for something like this to keep girls more motivated and to teach them different ways in the etiquette piece to handle situations,” Ms. Sandrika Wright says.         

Another aspect of the club is teaching manners and basic etiquette at parties or functions, like usage of silverware and communication between guests. The ‘do it yourself’ side of the club encourages students to be able to recreate their wardrobe. For instance, on article of clothing that the group works to redesign are their shoes. Whether it is customization, or improving the current quality of their shoes, the club members strive to improve their clothing, as well as others. 

“There’s a lot of people, in particular females that are into doing specific things to their clothes or shoes. There’s different ways to incorporate certain things with things you already do,” Wright says.