Senior Spotlight: Quarantine Edition

Yasmin Okamura


Yasmin Okamura

Senior Yasmin Okamura’s “fake prom” photos.

Nicole VanGilder, Writer

 “I know going to college right after high school is what is expected and “ideal” and most of us feel pressured to go. I do want to go to college once I’m completely sure about what path I want to follow, I have two options in mind right now, one being an esthetician and the other being a fashion designer. Being an esthetician doesn’t require a college degree, however a fashion designer does. I still have some thinking to do but that’s okay and I’ll figure it out what works for me. If I decide to become an esthetician I plan on getting a job and pay for a training program to get my license which is required, then I plan on saving as much as I possibly can and move to either Miami, Los Angeles or New York which is where I would get the most opportunities and where I could actually build a career for myself. Plans can easily change and life can lead me to a different path but for now that is what I have in mind. I have many fears about going out into the real world, I actually think about it a lot. Turning 18 made me realize I’m an adult and have to go after what I want and start building a life for myself, be self-sufficient, independent and start thinking ahead which is so scary. It’s terrifying knowing that soon I’ll have to start making decisions and that those decisions will have a great impact on my future. The COVID-19 has been terrible, I’ve been stuck home for I don’t even know how long now but with so much free time I’ve been spending so much time with my family and it definitely brought us closer together. I’ve also been recording Tik Toks, exercising every now and then, and definitely tanning a lot. There was so much I was looking for that we will not be able to do, the “best part” of a senior year was taken away from us, it was the time we were all waiting for, Grad Bash, prom, senior picnic, and so many other events that were so exciting and the fact that the class of 2020 will never get to experience any of that is so heartbreaking. On prom day I was devastated and heartbroken so I started to think about how in 20 years from now I wouldn’t have anything to look back on and since I had already bought my dress I decided to get ready as if I was actually going to prom and ask my sister to take some photos of me and I’m so glad I did! I had a lot of fun getting ready and taking the pictures. Being part of such a historic moment is really sad and I wish none of us had to be going through any of this, it’s the first big world catastrophe many of us of the younger generation are experiencing and even though there are so much more going on right now, senior year was very important to me and the fact that it was taken away from all of us is so sad so taking “fake” prom pictures was just a way to face it in a positive and creative way. I just hope this is over soon so we can at least have a proper graduation.”