Is COVID-19 The Cure For Our Environmental Problems

As The Coronavirus Begins To Spread Environmentalists Are Noticing Positive Trend


Teo Torres

Illustration by Teo Torres depicting Earth healing.

Yasmin Okamura, Writer

The coronavirus may be taking lives from humans but is giving life back to our planet. In the middle of the chaos the world is going through, there is always a positive side to look at, that Mother Nature is giving us a second chance and hope for a better and healthier environment.

Aside from the more important and unfortunate events that are taking place right now, the Earth is benefiting from all of this.

“In China and Italy, the air is now strikingly clean. Venice’s Grand Canal, normally fouled by boat traffic, and is running clear. In Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, the fog of pollution has lifted. Even global carbon emissions have fallen.” The New York Times newspaper states.

In India the air quality has improved so much since the country went on coronavirus lockdown citizens can now see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years.

“ For the first time in almost 30 years could clearly see the Himalayas due to India’s lockdown clearing air pollution. Just amazing.” said Manjit K Kang on a twitter post.

Coronavirus has slowed down the economy of the world and a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels. In China, carbon emissions were down by 18 percent between early February and mid-March due to falls in coal consumption and industrial output, according to calculations first published by climate science and policy website CarbonBrief. The Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air estimates that now it is

equivalent to 200 million tons of carbon dioxide which is more than half the annual emissions of Britain.

The virus is a tragedy to all of those experiencing it, however, this crisis is giving us hope for another crisis, the one that can also kill us all and cause our home, the planet we live in, the fresh air we breathe, the animals that are slowly decreasing in amount to completely vanish leaving no life behind.

Will these dramatic changes in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that have fallen across continents be enough to open our eyes? We have waited for an immediate and existential threat like the Covid-19 to finally show us that there is still hope for a healthy future.

Once this pandemic is over we as a community have to take action and responsibility in order to keep our planet clean and maybe even improve it. There are infinite ways that you can help and even the smallest gestures have great impact such as picking up a gum wrap from the floor, recycle, use less paper, reduce energy consumption, skip single use plastic and many other ways that you can find by accessing our instagram page @thecoyotechronicle or clicking on this link: that will take you directly to our post.