Senior Spotlight

Faith Nicholas


Nicole VanGilder, Writer

“My plans are to go to college and hopefully find motivation, reassurance and happiness there. My singing teacher has discussed with me about working in her new business, where she hopes to incorporate mental health awareness into music lessons. I am very excited for this as singing lessons have been a main source of happiness for me! I have opened up about mental illness on the Coyote Chronicle a couple of times since it is a major part of who I am and how I make my decisions. My biggest fear is continuing to not feel sure about what path would make me happy, or not finding happiness in the paths I try to take. Creativity matters to me a lot, but there is a lot of stress that pushes me to try to major in something that people would deem “useful.” I applied to FSU and UCF and got accepted into both, but ultimately decided on UCF as it is closer. I applied as a Psychology major. I was planning on changing my major to Marketing or Management since a business major would allow more creativity for me. That is as far as I have gotten since I have a lot of things I need to figure out. To be honest, I got to the point where I felt so sick that I could barely get ready for school anymore, so I have positive feelings about leaving high school and starting something new. Our senior class has treated me with a lot of kindness and consideration, so I will miss them a lot, especially since I have so many memories with them. The teachers have been a major, essential part in pushing me to finish senior year despite my mental and physical exhaustion and I will miss them greatly as well! They have shown me a lot of care to the point where it was shocking for me and I have felt appreciated by them. I hope to join something like the Coyote Chronicle at UCF, as it has been a source of emotional expression for me.”