How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Students

In-School Learning To Distanced Learning

Nicole VanGilder, Writer

Transitioning from going to school, to doing distance learning is hard for some students. Not only do they feel it is harder to do their work, but they miss their friends and teachers. Some students participate in after school activities like sports or clubs. Now with school cancelled for the remainder of the year, students can not participate in their after school activities.
“I miss being in school, and in our learning environment. I miss being around my teachers and friends. I miss playing in the games and having fun with my teammates and coaches,” sophomore, Elijah Jones said.
Being in school at least allowed students to see their friends, students barely have a social life as of right now. Their limited social time is mainly caused by quarantine and social distancing orders.
Some parents and teachers say students go to school for social time, but some are more focused on their school work.
“With being out of school, my social life has gone downhill, due to the quarantine. Nowadays, I just spend most of my time on my Xbox with my other homeboys. I really have not spoken to anyone from school in a while,” sophomore, Alejandro Feliu said.
For some students it has been difficult to transition to online learning. Some cannot learn on their own, they need someone to be sitting there with them to explain. For others, online learning has been a smoother transition.
“It is a little easier for me doing online school as I can go my own pace on stuff. Learning is still educational and I still play video games with my friends, so I am happy with this system. Quarantine is okay, it gets a little boring, but still not that bad. In my perspective, I can catch up on shows and games, etc,” sophomore, Nick Beri said.
As the new school year approaches, some students will return to their friend the seniors on the other hand, cannot return. For many seniors across the world graduations and other parting activities have been postponed or canceled.
“I am so sad that high school had to end this way. We don’t get our full high school experience without that last prom, senior skip day, senior pranks, last day of school, graduation practice, and graduating. I think the plan for graduation is good and bad. It’s good because we will actually have graduation but the bad part is that I can only invite one person. I have a big family so that doesn’t help me with picking who I want to invite,” Senior, Kaitlyn Trapero said.