2020 Presidential Debate

A Closer Look Into The Political Battlegrounds


Clipart of President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Former VP Joe Biden, and Sen. Kamala Harris. Art made my Patrick Deliz.

Patrick Deliz, A&E Writer

As the month of October rolls around and the 2020 election inches closer, we will be witnessing some of the most important national debates from both the Presidential candidates and the Vice-Presidential candidates

During the debates, there is a panel of topics to be discussed, as to get a perspective on how each candidate plans to act or how they perceive a current issue. The following are the main issues that will be discussed: 

  • Coronavirus Pandemic 
  • Economy 
  • China & Foreign Policy 
  • Integrity of the Election 
  • Supreme Court 
  • Race and Violence in our Cities 
  • Trump’s and Biden’s Record 
  • Presidential Health and Succession 

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate was hosted at the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. This year’s presidential debate was certainly one to remember, but not in a good way. Both Biden and Trump displayed disrespect for each other– cutting each other off and getting into small conflicts with each other.  

Even, Chris Wallace who was moderating the debate, show clear frustration from the interruptions– especially from the President’s side. Wallace had made remarks such as:  

  • “You and I can switch if you want.”  
  • “Mr. President, please stop.”
  • “I hate to raise my voice, but why should I be any different from the two of you?” 

Throughout the debate, it was inappropriate and unprofessional of Wallace to lose control of the candidates– as both Biden and Trump went back and forth, especially when Biden often rebutted Trump by responding with “Shut up, man”. With this, Chris Wallace even showed a lack of restraint by raising his voice.  

When addressing race and violence within our country, President Trump was asked if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and the right-wing militia but stumbled on words and failed to do so. This leaves many people to ask: is our President trying to strive for peace or does he want to continue this violence? 

While both candidates did give their opinion and addressed their takes on the issues, ultimately, they lacked restraint and at least respect for one another. For two people who have experienced a debate, there should have been some acknowledgment of proper etiquette, especially on live television, as either candidate could be the future leader of America. 

The 2020 U.S. Vice-Presidential Debate was hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Kingsbury Hall. After the unbelievable performances from the Presidential Debate, the stakes for the Vice-Presidential debate were much higher than in any other Vice-Presidential debate before.  

There was an immediate difference between the Presidential Debate and the Vice-Presidential Debate, as both Sen. Harris and Vice-President Pence were civil and shared equal respect for each other, despite being on opposing sides. Both candidates addressed the topics, and Pence at times deflecting the question (to which many people found similarities between Trump’s and Pence’s performances.) 

Apart from the candidates on the floor, the real star of the debate was the fly—who landed on VP Pence’s head. While the fellow insect candidate did not have a mic, the fly was certainly invested in the political decision of this country. Its riveting statements on race and inequality swayed the crowd, leaving both candidates speechless, unable to respond. 

While the Presidential Debate showed poor performance and lack of civility and etiquette. On the other hand, The Vice-Presidential Debate showed and became an example of how a debate should be run. Hopefully, future debates have better turnouts, whether virtual or live, and that the candidates practice safety procedures in order to keep themselves and others COVID-free.