Humans of Four Corners

Selena Luc


Selena Luc ready to go to church. She is very religious and participates in any church related event she can.

Nicole VanGilder, Advertisement Coordinator

“I plan on becoming a pediatrician which is a doctor for kids and the main reason I chose that was because I just love kids so much and like going up, I got to see like all my friends happy and healthy. It was like, you know what I’m going to be really happy when I’m older doing this and like take care of families and helping them out. And really helping them to know that their kids are okay and safe. So yeah, after college because there is a bunch of years of schooling, I want to work at an Adventist hospital. I am a proud Seventh Day Adventist! We worship on the sabbath day which is Saturday and devote our Friday night when the sun goes down to Saturday night till the sun goes down. In that time we give God the glory and praise. The reason for those 24 hours is to not worry about school, work, or anything but to just thank God for keeping us alive and well and providing for us. I go to church Saturday morning. In the sabbath we do not buy or go into any stores because like I said the whole day so for God so we take it seriously. That is the main reason why a seventh day Adventist hospital would work for me because they know how our religion works and they will understand. Other hospitals will just call you in, and might not respect that I can’t do certain things because of my religion. Adventist will respect that I can’t work or do anything from Friday night sunset, to Saturday night sunset.”