Humans of Four Corners

Mya Dwyer


Sophomore, Mya Dwyer enjoying the fresh air and spending time with her family.

Cianna Sulaimen, Writer

“So, I think it was around ten years ago we became a blended family, but I was five or six and my older brother was almost eight and we were kind of lonely. But there was a point in time where that all started to change, and little did I know that this next part of my life would create who I am now. It felt like we were all just one big happy family and that was really the first time that I have ever really felt like that…they brought even more light and happiness into my life, it all felt so good to finally have somebody to talk to when I needed it most. We really became better people by being together all the time. As we got older the bonds in the family got stronger between the siblings and to be honest it’s the best feeling knowing that you don’t have to worry about having any friends when you know you have people at home that understand you and will listen to you all day no matter what…it has been ten years of being a full family and every moment that we all spend together creates new memories and just special moments that I never want to forget. Just thinking about what would’ve happened if we would’ve never met them is just heartbreaking because they have both changed our lives for the better but especially my sister. My sister has become my other half, the only person I can really talk to when things get crazy and just someone who understands me like no one else.”