Senior Spotlight- Ehrin Castillo

Ehrin Castillo


Nicole VanGilder, Advertisement Coordinator

“I do not really have a lot of goals but to be able to take care of my family later in life, and to just get my own place. I have not really thought of what is after high school, but I guess I am going to go to college and see where that takes me. I feel like my best accomplishment so far is that I have never been a selfish person to anyone, and never being fake to nobody. My greatest influence has always been my brother because he has been around me all my life and we been through everything together. Honestly in 10 years I would hope that I am in my own house and financially secure. I do not really have a lot of hobbies besides get money and chill but I like to cook if that counts. I used to play football but playing is not in my future but I would really like to be involved in football in the future.”