Senior Spotlight- Andrew Ambrocio

Andrew Ambrocio


Janelle Doiley, Writer

“There’s some things that when it comes to sports and football when I played that I regret not being able to do. I really wanted to join a football camp in Miami to show off skills. That was one of the things this year that I wanted to accomplish. Another thing that I regret not doing when it comes to football may be trying harder, trying to push myself mentally and physically more. That was one of my goals I had in mind when it came to playing -showing them that I could do it. But I just fell short when it came to practicing and I knew I could do better. But with the time running out, I knew it was over for me. Football has changed me as a person. It taught me so many lessons that I tried to apply to my life such as handling my business. My coach always told me to handle my business whether it was off the field or on it. Football has really changed me mentally. It’s helped me become stronger. Mentally, I try to push myself harder now. Before football, I really wasn’t the person that I am now. I wasn’t that strong person that people sometimes see me as. Now that I look back, I realize that it has changed me for the better. When it came to playing, I felt like I found a purpose, you know? We all try to find our purpose in life. Football was a good decision and I’m glad I took the opportunity to try it. I felt like I belonged somewhere for once. The more stronger my mind was, the more it helped me on that field, as well as off it. And I could take what I learned from on that field and apply it to my life, which I did. I feel like football really did benefit me in the end.”