Spiking to Regionals

The varsity volleyball team qualified to go to the district and championship game.


Sofia Betancourt spiking for the win.

Nicole VanGilder, Advertisement Coordinator

The varsity volleyball team qualified to go to districts! Varsity won almost all their games. Varsity won districts and were automatically able to go to the championship game. Their nerves were high, and they were not sure what to expect. Sadly, they lost, and that is where the season ended.

“My favorite memories would have to be getting to know new people that I thought I would never be friends with today. I have been playing volleyball for about three years now, and my favorite part about the sport would be: learning new skills, techniques and obviously playing on the court,” junior, Jalexa González said.

Maintaining school and sports can be challenging, but if you put your mind to it, you can push through. With being on a team, you can make new friends and good memories.

“The hardest part about being a student-athlete is that you have to have two important priorities. Your first priority would be school, so you have to manage to keep your grades up to remain playing,” senior, Sofia Betancourt said.

They were 7 and 3 for the season, including the district and championship game. The team practiced hard before every game and tried to show their best performances during games.

“I prepare for a game by putting my mentality and focus into it. Also, by having patience and “mamba mentality,” senior, Safia Bentancourt said.

Senior Daniella Pena #11, Sofia Betancourt #7, and Carla Diaz #2 pose with their coach for their last high school volleyball season.