Humans of Four Corners

Braxton Grinter


Freshman, Braxton Grinter reminiscing about her beloved brother.

Alana Lorence, Writer

“My brother died from colon cancer at the age of five, and it broke my heart because I never got to see
him that much with him being in and out of the hospital. At first you know since I was young it didn’t
really affect me, like of course I knew that my brother died but I couldn’t really get it through my head.
But after it really made me feel, it really made me think on the times I could’ve spent with him instead
of hanging out with friends. It really made me want to go back in time and do all of that before he died
or even maybe if I hung out with him more, he wouldn’t have died. Even though, I know that it wasn’t
my fault I still feel guilty. I couldn’t really process it since I was in sixth grade. After I had time to process
it, I found a deep depression where I would starve myself like days at a time. I started losing weight too
fast, so my mom took me to the doctor and they thought I was becoming anorexic. I had to be on
anorexia pills for six months. Now, I just dance to get my mind off things, which also helps me with my