Senior Spotlight- Daniella Pena

Senior Spotlight


Kate Stout, Writer

“I want to try to major in psychiatry and minor in criminology. My dream job is to be in the FBI, and be a special agent, or work with the social workers and be an adolescent psychiatrist. So, I could help give back and help the kids experiencing trauma, and give them some hope. As well as be like an FBI agent to help catch, you know, “bad guys”. I’ve been taking psychology, psychiatry, psychology, and sociology in high school. I’ve also been taking classes outside of school with criminology. I play volleyball, I was thinking about trying to go pro or playing in college. So that’s in the works right now. What got me into volleyball was that I was always an athletic person. So, I did soccer and other sports, but I really liked volleyball. So I stuck with it and then I did all four years of high school on varsity. (In ten years) I would have already graduated with a master’s and be the apprentice of a psychiatrist to watch them work. I’ll be on my way to being one myself and having my own place.”