Longtime Rivalry Alters Girls’ Soccer Roster

Roster Altering Altercation Defines Soccer Season


Patrick Deliz

One of the latest games between the Spartans and the Coyotes reveals underlying rivalry.

Cianna Sulaiman and Victoria Filippi

One of the latest games of the girls’ soccer season brought a startling halt to a long-standing rivalry between Discovery High School and Four Corners Upper school. The game concluded after an altercation broke out between two members of the team leaving one referee unconscious.               

The altercation, however, is one in a series of incidents that have happened between the two schools. Matches like this have surfaced on multiple platforms regardless of sex and sport, forcing the teams to withdraw from their games.  

Some believe that the underlying tension between the teams in previous matches led to the events that occurred at the game last Thursday. Additionally, some suggest that the spat was bound to occur regardless of the current state of the game.  

The latest dispute on the field marked the final straw for both competitors. Specifically, both schools agreed to suspend further games between the rivals considering the history and the severity of the last incident.  

Comparatively, those at Discovery have also shared their experience with the underlying tension between their rivals. Similarly, the team has also made adjustments to counteract situations like this happening once more on the field.  

Barring Discovery means that the Coyotes will have fewer schools to play against in the future and that alterations to the lineup must be made. Likewise, the team must now improve on their tactics, and coordination should a similar situation arise. Particularly, additional fights may cause the suspension of the team from finishing their season’s run until January.  

Despite this, the actions of each individual on the team member bears weight on the entire team’s circumstances. Overcoming the challenges that occur in a game requires coordination between team members to settle disputes and provide comfort before an altercation can occur. With this in mind, some of the girls’ soccer team members have reevaluated their position and role regarding their overall performance.  

As mentioned, the girls’ soccer season will continue with the practice being continuously led by Coach Carlos. Coach Carlos has also been forced to reevaluate the future of the season and preemptive measures to enforce better communication from team members before any individual action can take place.  

The future of this soccer season still looms on the behavior of the team, with this in mind tensions run high within the members to complete the season in its entirety, Yet, some players have varying opinions on barring Discovery from competing against them in later sessions.  

Although the team has varying opinions the members have accounted for the benefits and limitations this latest decision called for. While there is less competition, the chances of another altercation occurring have been reduced mitigating the stress that players may feel on the field.