Senior Spotlight- Elias Sanchez


Janelle Doiley, Writer

“I was supposed to come to school, but I was hospitalized with a painful staph infection. I was in the hospital for 8 days and in pain for 2 weeks. So that is why I can not come to school. Even though that it is over now, I also tore my acl and meniscus. I just got surgery on December 11th of 2020, so that is also keeping me from going to school and from playing basketball. I started physical therapy two weeks after. My grades have been good for my senior year. I like being home and doing school online instead of getting up and going in person every day. I can learn at my own pace, while being safe at home. I do not have to wake up so early. I used to wake up at 5 am, but now I wake up at 7 am. I am going to miss having a homecoming, prom, and playing basketball. I can not wait to graduate and get over this year. I wish that this pandemic never happened!”