Humans of Four Corners


Nick Beri, Writer

“I am afraid I might start getting bad grades school, I have been doing barely decent but it is hard to keep up and I fear I am slowly getting off track. I just do not see myself enjoying it at all, I rather play my games and when I try to do my work, I get bored and say I will just do it later and continue my game. I want to make my dad proud of me more than anything, I want to be successful and help my dad and buy him things. I do have a goal I want to accomplish; I want to be a Minecraft YouTuber, they make a lot of money and it would be something I would also have fun doing. It is very hard to become famous and make money with this method, but I am going to try. I also am learning on how to build computers, I am doing research and learning from a family friend who has a career in building computers, I am currently saving up money to buy parts and make my own computer and when I finish making my own setup, I am going to start my
YouTube career. When I moved from New York to Florida, I had to say goodbye to my best friend Mark. We grew up together from little kids, he was like a brother to me, we did everything together. I saw Mark a couple month ago when he came to visit but it hurt again when he had to go back to New York. I miss him very much, but we keep in contact a lot and I can not wait to see him again.”