Humans Of Four Corners


Picture of Junior Alanis Diaz.

Patrick Deliz, A&E Writer

I am at a time where I am slowly getting my life started and planned but obviously, not everything will go as you want. Being in 11th grade we are all bombarded with getting out test scores, early applications, jobs, and getting ourselves ready for senior year and college. It is a lot at least for me and I am having trouble getting everything settled especially since I do not have everything planned like most kids. I am honestly figuring this out as I go. If you are one of those people who already have planned on what you wanted to do from an early age, I just feel like you should start applying early because it gives you an advantage. But for those, like me, who do not have everything planned out and do not have a clue what they want to do, I feel like you should start when you are comfortable because you never know what you want to or where you want to go. I do not feel like it [jobs, early applications, good test scores, etc.] makes our junior year less enjoyable just because it is always something I have been a part of. You know, we were kind of being prepared for this in tenth grade for all of this stress. But yes, I do feel like it is necessary because it is better to take the stress and break it down than having it all bombard you in just one specific year, like senior year. So, I feel like if you take things slowly and start building up, it is a lot easier than just trying to do everything at one time. I do think that eleventh grade is pretty stressful because at this time people are always looking for answers when they can not answer the question like “What do you want to do in life?”. I actually get that from my family and from my teachers, I feel like I have to give them a response even if it is not the thing that I want to do, just because I feel that pressure, and I am sure other eleventh graders feel the same way. Under circumstances right now, so I feel like we can get frustrated when things change and I feel like we just need to acknowledge the fact that things change. And more on, we can not just be in our sorrows and be like “Okay, so this did not work out, so I am not gonna do it”. I feel like if things do not go our way, we just need to move on and find new ways to get what we want.

One of my biggest goals right now is obviously getting accepted into college, and I really do want to get accepted for a scholarship that will pay most of my tuition, and those are my goals for the future. For right now, I feel like I need to raise my SAT score, focus on my classes, and meet every requirement to graduate and these are more of my goals at this moment. Once I enter college I feel like the one thing I would like to do is journalism because I like to write on real things, like events, locations. That is what I want to take in college and to learn the education of Journalism. I actually do have a habit of opening a Word document or just taking out a page and just – write, like about my day or just something I need to say. I do this because just to relieve stress, I feel like whenever I get heated up, instead of acting on my anger, I just write it down and it calms me completely. I always wanted to work in a big writing company such as the Washington Post or the New York Times, but obviously, those are very prestigious places that I am not ready for. So, for internships, I have not actually looked into it, but I would love to get into one once I start getting more practice with journalism. I would like to say [writing about] politics, but I am not very fond of everything that contains politics. So, just anything that just needs to be exposed. I know that this journalist, I think his name was David Begnaud, wrote a story on Puerto Rico, just uncovering every truth that they had, and how America controls them. I feel like this opened the eyes of Americans who did not know about this territory that America contains. I feel like that is very important for us and that is what I would like to do – to uncover things that people did not know.