The Fight Against Inequality


The battle between genders still presents inequality.

Solangie Henriquez, Writer

Generally, women experience more sexism. It is a quite common issue that is overlooked in schools, jobs and daily life. Gender Inequality has more negative effects towards women than men.

“I have been told that my ripped jeans were too revealing or inappropriate for school, when a boy was wearing ripped jeans that showed the exact same amount of skin,” Freshman Jazzelle Dominguez said.

When confronting students about dress code violations, administrators tend to target traditional women’s clothing. Most target women crop tops, short shorts, thin shoulder straps etc. Limiting refractions and warnings to either gender is considered unfair. Both are capable of violating dress codes, female students feel men who do, are not dress coded often or at all.

“I think school dress codes are important for some reasons, it is not completely sexist, but I do think it is applied more towards females, and they are much stricter with girls than boys,” Freshmen Carlos Dragovich said.

Dress codes are designed for clothing to be appropriate for school rules. However, many people claim that dress codes are designed to distract men as little as possible. This is one of the many issues in today society about inequality.

“I think there is a huge stereotype about women not being able to work as hard as men. Both genders can be just as good at their job or do good in anything else,” Carlos De Jesus says.

Women are just as capable of being hard workers as men. Females have never had the same rights as men, equality towards genders are now being delt with. They could not have jobs back then and were forced to be a stay-at-home mom. Men were seen as the money maker and nothing more. Women now have the right to be hard workers and have some equality when it comes to jobs. Being treated equally is still a working progress here in America.

“I think that this stereotype that “women are bad drivers” is silly because it’s simply not true that all women are bad at driving. Some women that I personally know are even better drivers than some men,” Freshmen Jalynn Sands said.

Sexism or prejudice is very subtle when hidden in small remarks or “jokes”. There has been a well-known stereotype that women “cannot drive” or they are “bad drivers.” This has been a stereotype for decades. Generalizations like these tend to come from men.

Gender inequalities is something America has tried to overcome for years and is still a work in progress.