Senior Spotlight- Ayonna Black


Nicole VanGilder, Advertisement Coordinator

“My plans after graduation is to work really hard to rent an apartment and live on my own and eventually go to college after a year break. My favorite high school memory is probably working on the Lion King show last year with my best friend Ashley. Some things I would love to accomplish is getting into drawing school and making a good living to support me and my family if they need it as well as drawing for a big company like Disney or Universal to make animations that could make people happy around the world. Some challenges I have gone through is keeping control of my anxiety when I am working on important things or something I know needs to be a certain way. The pandemic definitely had some pros and cons. Some pros would be I got to spend a lot of time drawing and getting better at specific styles I want to be good at but on the other hand not being able to talk to art teachers or getting the supplies I needed made it a lot harder to learn.
I have overcome certain tasks by looking up tutorials and doing research on what the best way to draw specific things and what supplies I could use to make them turn out the way I picture them to be. I do plan on going to college at some point. Probably UCF for Art and Animation as well as drawing and painting to really get a grip on my color theory.”