The Four Corners Lockdown


While police were heading to the school to investigate what was going on, parents were arriving to pick up their kids scared of their kids going home by themselves. Photo Credit: Jennifer Araujo.

Catarina Queiroz, Writer

At 10:39 AM an announced over the intercom said, “We are in a code red lockdown, this is not a drill. Teachers follow code red protocol and secure your classrooms.”

“They had to put school on lockdown because someone said they were going to shoot up the school lunch, but we did not know exactly which one it would be. So, the school decided it was best to place the school on a code red lockdown so the police could investigate,” Freshman Isabella Olivera said.

After the lockdown was announced, some teachers went into the hallway to clear up and get as many students as possible out of the hallway and get them to safety. Both kids and adults were wondering why the lockdown was caused because students feared there could be a chance of an actual shooter in the building.

“I was nervous when they said it was not a drill. But I had to remain calm so that the students that were in my office would not freak out and panic because they would feed off my energy. As time was passing, we were finding out information as students were texting each other that were in the room from other various rooms,” Ms. Kylie Root said.

Both teachers and students felt nervous because they did not know the cause, meanwhile students were texting each other they would find out what was going on.

“This experience was genuinely like not knowing what was going on. So, like you are scared of what was going on or what could happen and being in a situation like that we were like, people spreading rumors, and there is so many things that could be going on and not knowing is scary,” Oliveira said.

When a lockdown happens, most schools have a specific procedure to keep the staff and students safe. Having drills can help both the teachers and students to keep calm when a real lockdown happens.

“When we first heard the announcement, we told everyone to get into the safe zone in the room. Then I walked over to the door, and sure it was shut and turned off the lights,” Mrs. Kristen Fendone said.

Students and teachers having drills helps everyone know what to do when a real lockdown happens. If a real lockdown every happens again they will be prepared.

“I think it is extremely important for us to have drills because it helps staff and students stay safe and each person can do their part to keep them safe,” Junior Giovanna Ornellas said.

After two hours of the lockdown the school decided to change the code red to a code yellow lockdown, meaning that students can leave their spots and teachers can continue their activities before the lockdown started.

“In my opinion the staff did a very good job, and the students also did a very good job. Everybody pretty much listened, and did what they were supposed to do,” Front desk receptionist Ashley Sanchez said.