Off to the Pros


Jennifer Araujo

Senior Soccer Varsity boys (from left to right) Santiago Ceballos, Rodrigo Castillo, Denilson Aguirre, Jermy Diaz, Abdel Rahman Suleiman, Alejandro Feliu, Juan Carlos Restrepo, Juan Navarro, take the field for the final time celebrating senior night.

Solangie Henriquez

This year’s soccer team is sadly splitting up and going their separate ways. These boys are destined for great things in the future. “I have been on this soccer team for four years; I do not feel good about leaving the high school I started out with. I made a journey with these boys, and it is going to be sad but in the end, I am going to be a pro in the future. I want to put my mom in a big house and help support her with all needs,” Senior Jermy Diaz said.  

It has been quite a season for Diaz, the last game he had two assists. His work ethic on the field has been really good this year. He did things a little differently knowing this would be his last season. Diaz is striving to attend Daytona State College and play professionally to support and give back to his family.  

“I have been playing for this team for three years, it’s going to be sad that I’m leaving because it is the team that I started my high school soccer career with, the season is going good so far. What motivates me to play is that I want to be a pro player in the future, and I will keep working for it. My best game was when I scored 2 goals to lead my team to the win. I will miss the experience,” Senior Abdel Suleiman said. 

It has been one of the best seasons for Suleiman by scoring the most goals in his soccer career. He took this season a lot more seriously knowing that it would be his last year alongside his teammates. Like Diaz he applied to Daytona State College and hopes to make it as far as he can.  

“I’ve been playing soccer for 3 years; I am really going to miss the team because I have played alongside them for 3 years. I feel like we have been doing good this season, we have been winning and working really hard in our practices by taking them seriously. Hopefully we will go to the playoffs and win this season. What motives me to play soccer is a very popular soccer player from my country, he made it out of a poor family and town,” Senior Adham Khedr said.  

Khedr has dedicated his high school career to playing soccer. He knows getting to where he wants to be will not be easy and that everything has a rough start, but with his positive mindset he will succeed.  His motivation pushes him to be the best version of himself out on the field.  

“I’ve been playing soccer for 2, 3 years, I definitely feel a little bit sad, but I am going to be cherishing the memories that I have made in this team, everybody on this team has a special place in my heart because they have treated me with respect, and I am so glad I matched to meet them this year. We are doing the best we have ever done honestly, we made it to the semifinals, and I believe we have a good team dynamic. My experience has been pretty nice, people on the team have unique qualities,” Senior Alejandro Feliu said.  

This season for Feliu has been one of the best, he put in a lot of effort to play his best this year. He is going to miss the experience of playing with some of his close peers. He wants to go as far as he can with his soccer career and take it to the next level. He is a strong, dedicated soccer player who is willing to do whatever it takes to become one of the best.   

“It is my last season with the team, but I have to keep moving forward and open up to the real world. I grew up playing soccer, so it runs through my blood, my father used to play semi pro, so I just feel like I need to keep up that legacy. My best game so far was when I had 2 goals and an assist, it was pretty good. My experience at the start was very rough, the team had no chemistry, it was not the best but then over time we came together as a team and started playing better,” Senior Denilson Aguirre said. 

Following in his father’s footsteps is Aguirre, he is devoted to keeping his father’s legacy and being even better than his dad was. He is willing to put in his blood, sweat, and tears if that is what it takes to be the very best. He will carry all the good memories of the good bonds he created with these boys when out on the big field.  

“I’m going to miss the team we had this year. These young men are destined for great things I hope to see them all play pro, they did great things out on the field,” Coach Carlos Santos said.