Humans Of Four Corners

Jason Gonzalez


Rodrigo Castillo

What I expect from myself over the course of high school is to get better grades do not slack off as much and not procrastinate as much because I will take the harder classes and do dual enrollment at the end of my high school career. In the time of being in high school I want to work for a plumbing company or something within that field of work. I want to work through all my high school years because I like making my own money and I don’t want to be without any income in my high school years, as well as play on the soccer team. I started playing before in middle school and still do while having a job and doing school.  In the future after high school, I would like to get an associate degree in business, so I know how to start my own business, continue with soccer. Hopefully, I don’t have to work while I get my education and playing sports, I don’t know which college yet, but I have 3 more years to think about it.  

One of my biggest goals in life is to help my family, retire my mom, retire my dad, I have the rest of my family in Mexico, and Uruguay. I stay over there throughout the summer. I want to help them out; they don’t have the same opportunities as we do.  I’m looking forward to next year for the new business and entrepreneur class because I really want to start my own business, I don’t know with what yet, I want to be my own boss, start my own business, I learned about that when I got a job, and I didn’t like people bossing me around. I saw how my mom had her own business and how she did it. She started off just cleaning by herself and then she started her own business and now I want to help her. My goal for the future is owning a plumbing and maintenance company. What I want to start doing now is investing in crypto and with that money start reselling products and modifying cars and then sell them.