The Little Things Matter

A little kind gesture can go a long way, spread kindness, having a positive mindset can take you far.


Small acts of kindness

Solangie Henriquez

Even the smallest things can really make up someone’s day. You never know what they are going through and giving them a reason to smile is a beautiful thing.  

“I have been complimented before and it was a very nice feeling, even when someone tells me they like my hair or they like the shoes I am wearing it makes me feel a lot better from when my day started. I am a very shy person but if I really like something about someone, I will tell them because I know it makes me feel better inside. When other people have negative energy around me it genuinely ruins my mood or vibe, I believe if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all, it’s very simple in my opinion,” Freshman Valeria Castellano.  

To go out of your way and say something nice about another is a very heartwarming thing to do. When you say something genuine to a shy person, it can make them feel better about themselves and help them come out their shell.  

“I have been complimented several times in very different situations, typically they comment on my appearance or personality, and it makes my day 100 times better. I love complimenting other people because I know the way it makes me feel, whenever I have the chance to, I do tend to feed off others energy and attitude that’s why whenever I’m around others I try to be the best most positive version of myself,” Sophomore Mia Bayarena said. 

The energy you give off can really affect someone’s day without you even realizing, like Bayarena stated she feeds off other people’s energy and attitude. Being around positive human beings sets you out to want to achieve better things and do better for yourself.  

“I personally have never been complimented; it doesn’t bother me to the point where I seek attention, but it would be nice to get one for a change. I have also never complimented someone else, not because I wouldn’t want to, but because I’m really shy. I want to get out of my comfort zone and maybe even compliment someone I know,” Freshman Yi Shao said. 

It is not just compliments that make up another’s day, something like doing a small gesture can also help make up one’s day. Holding the door open for someone or being nice and respectful in general. Several people are very shy and cannot see themselves complimenting their peers.  

“When someone compliments me in school, I feel a bit better about myself, I feel like a lot of people care about how they look in school because others are so quick to judge. Being complimented is a good feeling but you should not judge someone off their looks. I don’t like it when people are rude and disrespectful towards others, their negative energy needs to stay somewhere else not in school,” Freshman Gianna LaVerda said. 

Being rude and having negative energy is something so small and minor that you think it will not affect you, but in all reality having a closed off mindset where you believe nothing can get better is not benefiting you in any way shape of form. You must believe things get better with time, the little good things in life do matter.  

“I get most complimented when I am out of school because I get to show my creative side. Many people say nice things about my outfits. It makes me feel so happy, I’ve had people also talk down or bad about my outfits which I try to brush off and only think positively because I don’t need any negative energy in my life, whatsoever,” Junior Julian Almodovar said.  

When out of school you get to show a more creative side without a doubt, but that does not mean it does not come with smart remarks or comments. Some people see the joy in bringing others down, which is not ideal. You should want to be generous to others to help make this world a better place, it all can start with a kind act.  

“I hate when people try to bring others down, something so simple can make up anyone’s day. Everyone should try to spread more positivity. If you think someone’s hair looks nice that day then tell them, if you like what they are wearing tell them, even if you like their hair or eye color tell them. It takes at max one minute of your day to make someone smile or think about it for the rest of their day,” Freshman Jalynn Sands said.