Senior Spotlight- Ivan Cordero


Rodrigo Castillo

Something I’ve had in mind over high school (is that) I want to buy a field so other people can rent it so I can start building more credit. This is something I’ve had in mind, as well as building credit. I’ve being doing that for a while by getting authorization from my parent’s credit which helps me build it without having a credit card so I have a background on it when I get my own credit card. I have two jobs. I have a small business with Airbnb, I own a few rooms in hotels which get rented out in Airbnb, this job is an investment because the only time I have to put into it would be to clean it after each stay. My second job is at Tropical Smoothie which is my stable job, I can get more hours and the work is on hand. I would say I like that type of work the most.

Something I enjoy is working to get my money. I started working for myself around 2 years ago, for a company I started working 4 years ago when I started high school I started working. Another fun fact is that I’ve always liked to helped people, I like watching people heal whether it is physical or mental I always like to help them however I can. I can say that the goal would be to have kids and see them well and happy, I wouldn’t enjoy to see them worry over money during their life because chasing the money, when you don’t have any… it’s tiring. The money it’s good and bad if you have bad spending habits, you better have a good habit to make money.

My high school experience at first, I wasn’t enjoying it as much. I wasn’t confident enough to talk to people but my junior and my senior year I would say I love it because I know as soon as we walk out those doors after graduation there is no turning back. My only advice for the people that aren’t going to graduate this year is to enjoy the moments that you are going to have in high school, I’ve made some friends that I consider family which I love such as my best friend, Yarielis Gonzales, like a sister, Rasiel Cardona he helped me since the first day I came to the school, Santiago Ceballos. They are like brothers to me, they saw me and helped me grow. It’s better to have a group of 5 friends like family than 100s of acquaintances. Senior year just showed how much you grow from 9th grade to 12th grade, seeing all of us graduating. It brings me happiness that we were all together for 4 years, everyone with their own group, but we all know and respect each other, I’m thankful for graduating with this class it makes me happy.

I have many plans for the future, for right now I’m planning on going to Valencia College which I already got accepted to, on the west campus. I would like an associate degree in Valencia college and – if I would get the opportunity to transfer to UCF – finish a bachelor’s in sports physiotherapy, which is studies of the body’s movement and the science of the body. Five years from now I will have my bachelor’s in sports physiotherapy and a job lined up for it in that field of work.