NFL Week 3 Recap

A game by game breakdown of week 3 in the NFL.


Jesse Baar, Writer

Steelers (17) @ Browns (29)

PIT: Coming off from a home game loss to the Patriots, The Steelers sought to maintain their claim over the AFC North. Without TJ Watt, this would prove to be a difficult task. The defense this week suffered a beating at the hands of the Browns, on the ground and in the air. On the offensive side of the ball, Mitchell Trubisky struggled to get the ball in the end zone. Trubisky did end the game off with a season high 204 yards with 0 int’s and 0 touchdowns. The Steelers inability to score points and slow down the Browns was their main claim to failure.

CLE: Also returning from an upset loss against the Jets, the Browns were looking to keep fans hopeful for the season. A big victory against their division rivals went a big way in establishing themselves in the North. The Browns played an impressive game on offense. Jacoby Brisset picking up 220 yards and a pair of touchdowns coupled with a monstrous 100-yard game by Nick Chubb, there was no stopping the Browns this week. The defense this week was average to say the least: coming up with no int’s and only two sacks, the defense must improve in order for the team to not solely rely on Nick Chubb


Ravens (37) @ Patriots (26);

NE: Coming off a strong performance on the road against the Steelers, the Patriots returned home for their first time in the season with a sloppy game. The team put up a strong performance on all sides of the ball for the first half of the game, but a 4th quarter collapse killed all their chances. The defense did what they could agai

nst Lamar Jackson, and they did it pretty well. However, giving the ball away on 4 separate occasions loses you football games. Mac Jones’ three interceptions and 0 touchdowns will certainly haunt him going into next week. On the positive side, Davante Parker had a break out game with 156 yards on only 5 catches.

BAL: Also coming off a week 2 loss, the Ravens looked to keep the AFC North in their hold. With Lamar Jackson that’s no problem. With five touchdowns (four of which coming from the air), Jackson managed to shut down a 4th quarter comeback. Mark Andrew’s had a strong game, picking up 89 yards (matching his jersey number), and 2 touchdowns. The defense struggled for the first bit of the game, but in the 4th quarter they showed up and made big plays. Picking up a crucial fumble late in the 4th helped seal the game shut for the Ravens as they look confidently into a tough week 4 match up against Buffalo.


Chiefs (17) @ Colts (20)

KC: Going into this game with high hopes, Kansas City fans will certainly be exiting it with shock. Patrick Mahomes did what he could to keep the game close, but a terrible showing on the ground made things hard. That coupled with 2 costly turnovers gave the Colts the upper hand. This is not to say the Chiefs by any means were dominated, in fact they had the advantage in many categories of play. The Chiefs were much more effective in moving the ball down field. Their defense played a tight game, limiting the Colts to just under 4 yards a play. This loss was all about a few costly turnovers.

IND: Not having picked up a victory yet in the season, an upset over the Chiefs will certainly reestablish confidence in Matt Ryan. Throwing for over 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions, Matt Ryan played well against a tough Chiefs defense. Jonathon Taylor proved less effective this week, picking up 71 yards on 21 carries. No touchdowns within any of those carries. This game was certainly a defensive battle. Going up against Patrick Mahomes, the Colts pulled out an impressive defensive triumph


Bills (19) @ Dolphins (21)

BUF: Coming off two dominant performances the weeks previous, the Bill’s came into this game with confidence. As it would just so happen to turn out, the Dolphin’s did as well. This game went right down to the wire, Josh Allen came out with an outstanding 400 yards on the dot. On all sides of play the Bill’s devastated the Dolphins. 495 yards total over Miami’s 212, over double the number of yards, wasn’t enough to push Buffalo over. As it would turn out, one turnover would be the nail in the coffin.

MIA: What should have been a steamroll by the Bill’s was turned into one of the strangest victories for the Dolphins. Only having possession of the ball half, the amount of time the Bill’s did, and only letting off 39 snaps to the Bill’s 90, the Dolphins managed to stay in the game. Punting the ball 5 times (one bouncing off another players cheeks resulting in a safety) compared the Bill’s single punt, the Dolphins managed to stay in the game. With what should have been a game ending concussion to Tua, the Dolphins managed to stay in the game. At the end of the day, the Dolphins were dominated in all facets of the game, but they still won… Was this another miracle in Miami perhaps?


Bengals (27) @ Jets (12)

NYJ: Coming off an upset victory over the Browns a week previous, the Jets had high hopes for week 3. Never count out the Jets when it comes to disappointing you. Joe Flacco being Joe Flacco went from looking like Tom Brady to looking like, well, Joe Flacco. Two interceptions and zero touchdowns will do that. Allowing 4 sacks didn’t help either. On defense, they played an average game. Picking up 2 sacks, no interceptions, and 1 fumble just isn’t enough when you give up 3 touchdowns to Joe Burrow. Going into Pittsburgh next week, never say never.

CIN: Coming off two incredibly weak performances by Joe Burrow, many began questioning his role as the team’s leader. With a dominant performance this week, some of those doubters will certainly be put to rest. With over 270 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, it seems Joe Burrow has gotten over his Super Bowl slump. However, there are things to improve. The running game this week was very quiet. Joe Mixon only picking up 24 yards on 12 attempts. Going for an average 2 yards a carry, something needs to improve in the running core.


Raiders (22) @ Titans (24)

LV: Only three weeks into the season, are things too far gone at this point? No, but things will need to change fast if the Raiders want to keep their season alive. This game was a close one where Derek Carr gave it his all. Throwing over 300 yards and hitting pay dirt twice with just one interception. Half those yards going to the break out receiver, Mack Hollins. The Raiders played an average running game, Josh Jacob’s only running for 66 yards picking up no touchdowns. The defense played a tight game, not making too many big plays other than picking up an interception. What really killed the Raiders this week was their 3rd down percentage, picking up only 1 conversion on 12 attempts. The Raiders have a lot to improve if they wish to keep their playoff hopes alive early in the season.

TEN: After 2 shallow performances by Derrick Henry, this week he really needed to show up. Knowing the task at hand, Henry delivered. Running for over 85 yards and picking up a touchdown, Henry began looking like himself again. However, those numbers do deserve an asterisk as they were on the backs off 20 carries. Ryan Tannehill also had a lot of wrongs to right. Coming off a terrible performance last week, Tannehill came in and finished this game off with over 200 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. This game was certainly a step in the right direction for the Titans but there is still a lot to be improved upon.


Saints (14) @ Panthers (22)

NO: Another day, another interception thrown by Jameis Winston. This week the number of interceptions being 2. Jameis is by no means a bad player; he is one of the best when it comes to picking up big yards. This game picking up over 300. In this game Jameis just couldn’t get the ball into the endzone. Neither could Alvin Kamara who is coming off a back injury. The Saints took till the 4th quarter to get any points on the board but by then it was over.

CAR: Baker Mayfield is surely breathing a sigh of relief. Fresh off the boat from Cleveland, Baker is trying his best to maintain the starting position on the Panthers. A victory against their division rivals will certainly help his case. While not having a break out game by any means, throwing for less than 200 yards with only 1 touchdown. The running game this week shined, Christian McCaffrey yet again running for over 100 yards. This week the defense led the team to victory. Those two aforementioned picks thrown by Jameis Winston went a long way in solidifying a Panthers victory


Lions (24) @ Vikings (28)

DET: Coming off a dominant victory against the Commanders last week, the Lions started this game with the advantage. Leading by 10 points by the start of the 4th quarter, the Lions needed to simply play strong defense to hold the Vikings off. However, a costly interception and weak rush defense let the Lions down as they now drop back down to the bottom of the NFC North. Those 7 penalties for 59 yards didn’t help the Lions case. Jared Goff will need to improve over his 1 touchdown this week if he wishes to win more games.

MIN: Fired up by a late game comeback, and led by the feet of Dalvin Cook, the Vikings keep their competitiveness alive ahead of what should be an easy game in New Orleans. Along with a strong game by Dalvin Cook, Kirk Cousins had a big game in the air. Cousins coming up with 260 yards and 2 touchdowns. The defense could have been more aggressive, ending up with zero sacks. The defensive line must see an improvement if the Vikings wish to keep control over the NFC North.


Eagles (24) @ Commanders (8)

WAS: What more is there to say? The Commanders played a sloppy game. Carson Wentz seemingly greeted his former teammates by letting them give him a big ole’ hug. In other words, the Commanders let up 9 sacks on Carson Wentz. These sacks certainly played a big part in Carson Wentz’ 0 touchdown game. On the bright side, he threw for no interceptions and over 200 yards. Half of which going to Terry McLaurin. On the ground, yet another lack luster performance by all players. Antonio Gibson only picking up 38 yards on 12 carries. If the Commanders want to improve, they must do a better job at protecting their commander.

PHI: Here’s a few words many are throwing out, Eagles Super Bowl Contenders? It is very, very early in the season but it’s no wonder people are saying this. Jalen Hurts had a perfect game, throwing for over 300 yards and picking up 3 touchdowns with zero passes going into the Commanders hands. The Eagles have a bright season ahead of them.


Texans (20) @ Bears (23)

HOU: Yet another close game ending up unfavorable for the Texans. This time just barely losing to a 4th quarter field goal by the Bears. Perhaps if quarterback David Mills didn’t throw those two interceptions the Texans wouldn’t have had to play it right down to the wire. This week the running game certainly improved, the Texans picking up over 237 yards on the ground. Speaking of improvements, the Texans defense picked up 5 sacks on Justin Fields. If the Texans want to pick up their first win of the season, they must improve their passing game.

CHI: Justin Fields had yet another rough game. Only completing 8 passes of 17 attempts for just over 100 yards, 2 of those attempts going into Texans arms and none going into the endzone. This week The Bears were bailed out big time by the running game. Khalil Herbert had a break out game, break out in all caps. Running for over 150 yards and picking up 2 touchdowns really went in big for the Bears this week.


Jaguars (38) @ Chargers (10)

LAC: In perhaps the biggest upset of the week, the Chargers got mauled by the Jaguars at home. Punting the ball 4 times, converting only 4/13 3rd downs, and turning the ball over twice will lose you games. That and a weak running game, picking up a measly 26 yards was the story of the game. Justin Herbert did his best this week, picking up 297 yards with a touchdown. That just wasn’t enough, the Chargers must really focus heavily on fixing their running game if they want to compete with the Chiefs and Broncos in the AFC West.

JAC: Is this really happening? Are the Jaguars back to being a competitive team? After this week it would be hard to deny it. Trevor Lawrence had perhaps the best game of his career so far, picking up 262 yards and 3 touchdowns. Things were made even better with a strong running game, garnering 151 yards on the ground. If the Jags keep this up, they may be able to win a weakened AFC South.


Packers (14) @ Buccaneers (12)

TB: The battle of the 12’s went straight down to the wire. Tom Brady struggled this week without his three-star receivers: Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin. The Buccaneers inability to stay on the field led to a sluggish back and forth on the field. This game was certainly a favorable one for those here to watch punters. The Bucs picking up 6. Tom Brady couldn’t find the endzone till the very last second, of course when he was leading a classic Brady comeback. This comeback would prove fruitless, as a costly delay of game during the crucial 2-point attempt caused Brady to throw an incomplete pass, ending the game. For what it’s worth, Brady did what he could with a weakened roster. The ground game couldn’t get it going, only garnering 34 yards. Next week with the return of the star receivers, the Buccaneers hope to build back some confidence.

GB: The Packers played an almost identical game to that of the Buccaneers, only difference is they were able to make bigger plays defensively. Picking up 3 sacks and 2 fumbles. The offense did the bare minimum they could to cash out on all the chances the defense gave them, only picking up 2 touchdowns in the first two quarters before going silent the rest of the game. Thankfully for the Packers, the defense managed to close out the game on the final play. The Packers didn’t play all too impressive on the ground, picking up only 67 yards. The Packers must improve on this front to stay on top of the North.


Rams (20) @ Cardinals (12)

ARI: In the first game in this division matchup, the Cardinals found themselves in a defensive shootout filled with punts and penalties. Kyler Murray had a strong game, picking up over 300 yards. Those 300 yards were met with 0 touchdowns. On the ground game, 70 yards with 0 touchdowns. In fact, all the Cardinals points this game were gained by kicker Matt Prater. If the Cardinals want to win games, relying solely on their kicker to gain points is something they will need to change.

LA: The Rams defense did a good job this week at preventing touchdowns, allowing 0. The passing game for the Rams could improve. Matthew Stafford put over 200 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. The running game picked up the 2 offensive touchdowns along with 100 yards on the ground. In a surprising turn of events, Cooper Kupp only picked up 4 catches for 11 yards on average. They will need to get Kupp more involved if they wish to continue winning.


Falcons (27) @ Seahawks (23)

SEA: On the back of a strong performance by Geno Smith (325 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception), the Seahawks weren’t able to push each themselves over the Falcons. The Seahawks played the game better on all sides of the ball other than on the ground. However, the Seahawks just couldn’t stop giving up yards through penalties. Getting 6 flags thrown giving up 47 yards. Nevertheless, the Seahawks brought the game within 1 score on the final drive. However, due to a costly interception by Geno Smith, the game was over.

ATL: For the Falcons first win of the season, it was surely a close one. However, thanks in large part to a monster game by Cordarrelle Patterson, the Falcons managed to squeak one out in the battle of the birds. Cordarrelle running for 141 yards on 17 carries (8.3 yards on average) and ending up in the endzone once. Through the air, Mariota soared for a season high 229 yards. Not exactly ground breaking, but a win is a win and the Falcons haven’t seen many of those in the last few years. It’s a small step in the right direction for the Falcons.


49ers (10) @ Broncos (11)

SF: A week after a dominant showing at home, the 49ers go back onto the road to face a familiar opponent, Russell Wilson. In a total defensive battle, the 49ers managed to force 10 punts and hold Wilson to only 184 yards and no touchdowns. On the other hand, the 49ers defense could not turn the ball over. On offense that is another story: 7 punts, 2 fumbles, and 1 interception kept the 49ers offense off the field the majority of the game. Jimmy Garoppolo is on the hot seat as all eyes are on him while Trey Lance is out due to injury. Running into the back of the endzone wasn’t a great look for him. If Jimmy G doesn’t impress, onto the bench he may regress.

DEN: A tough victory against the 49ers and losses by Kansas City and LA help shoot the Broncos up the division rankings. Next week with a road game against Las Vegas, the Broncos must improve on certain sides of the ball. For one, they need to give Wilson more time to the throw the ball as this week he failed to get it into the endzone on a count for him being thrown to the ground often. The defense can rest easy knowing they did a good week’s job.


Cowboys (23) @ Giants (16)

NYG: In a close game at home, Daniel Jones couldn’t get it going late in the 4th to solidify a Giants comeback. Jones himself throwing for only 196 yards with no touchdowns and an interception. The running game this week being an improvement over last week; Saquon Barkley running for 81 yards and reaching the endzone once. The o-line this week really let down Daniel Jones, giving up 5 sacks. Meanwhile on defense the Giants couldn’t pick up a single sack against the Cowboys. The o-line and Daniel Jones himself will need to see an improvement in the coming weeks.

DAL: What a game by backup QB Cooper Rush. Now winning the last 2 straight, the 28-year-old quarterback may now begin getting eyed down by teams looking for a starter. This week throwing for 215 yards, just under his 235 last week, and throwing for a touchdown. On the ground, America’s team saw success with Trey Pollard and Ezekiel Elliot picking up a combined 215 yards. The defense came up strong this week with 5 sacks. Things are starting to look up for the Cowboys as they head into a divisional matchup against the Commanders.


Notable Injuries

– Mac Jones (ankle) – “pretty severe”

Status: Unlikely to return for 1 week

– Myles Garret (car crash) – “non-life threatening”

Status: Likely to return

– Tua Tagovailoa (head) – “soreness”

Status: Likely to return

– DeAndre Swift (shoulder) – “shoulder sprain”

Status: Unlikely to return for 2-3 weeks

– Sterling Shepard (knee) – “potentially severe”

Status: Unknown


Players of the Week

OFFENSE – DeVonta Smith (WR) |Eagles|

Stats: 12 Targets – 169 yards – 1 touchdown


DEFENSE – Trey Hendrickson (EDGE) |Bengals|

Stats: 1 Tackle – 1 Tackle Assist – 8 QB Pressures – 3 Sacks – 2 FF (Forced Fumble)


Current Division Leaders


AFC EAST – Dolphins (3-0)

AFC WEST – Chiefs (2-1)

AFC NORTH – Browns (2-1)

AFC SOUTH – Jaguars (2-1)


NFC EAST – Eagles (3-0)

NFC WEST – Rams (2-1)

NFC NORTH – Vikings (2-1)

NFC SOUTH – Buccaneers (2-1)