Governor Ron DeSantis Campaigns For Reelection

Governor Ron DeSantis is going to be campaigning for reelection. His current focus is his accomplishments over his 4 years as Florida’s governor, here is how students and teachers are feel about his career.


Kiara Torres, Section Editor

Throughout Ron DeSantis’ career as Florida Governor he accomplished many things pertaining to the livelihood of raising generations. In his campaign for reelection he plans to focus on his previous accomplishments during his term.

“I think he has done some good things… At the beginning of the pandemic, when the cruise ships wanted to dump everybody into the Florida Ports, he said, “Absolutely not, we will take Floridians but we’re not taking all Americans being we got this pandemic on our hands.” English Teacher Mrs. Vollmer said.

Opinions on Ron DeSantis’ productivity as Florida’s governor vary greatly among age groups. While many teachers and administrators may have an impartial or objective perspective, students may have a greater or a differing opinion on matters that impact them directly.

“It’s like he goes one step forward and two steps back. It seems like He makes decisions for the greater good but they only seem to benefit him, ” Junior Nyema Walker Said.

Controversial bills, such as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill and the ban on abortion after 15 weeks from conception, passed tend to have different impacts on different age groups.

“I can understand limiting those kinds of conversations [sexuality and gender identity] for younger students but for middle and high schoolers I don’t see the point because we’re going to talk about it either way.” Sophomore Landon Garcia expressed.

The recent issues between Governor DeSantis and Disney have brought new light to current societal and economical issues. The issue of Disney’s ‘special tax’ is spoken on and expressed differently between the different age groups.

“DeSantis was absolutely right about Disney having too much power, because so many people are so dependent on them for their livelihood… My neighbor next door was laid off. And you know once they got laid off, they didn’t even have enough money to eat,” Mrs. Vollmer said.

As well as mandating a removal of the Disney Company’s special tax rate, Governor DeSantis mandated a Reduced Pay/Free lunch for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the summer, Polk County provided lunches for children within the county, who otherwise likely would not have eaten.

“I wasn’t in Florida when Covid hit, but in New York they opened up schools after hours and on weekends to provide food packages for anyone who needed it, not just students..” Garcia said.

While everyone has their own views on politics in general, each choice made by every politician in government impacts diverse groups of people in different ways. These opposing views can be based on past knowledge, research, and even personal experience.

“He’s like any politician, he’s got good points and he’s got bad points, they all [politicians] do good things and bad things.” Mrs. Vollmer said.