Thespians Heading Into The Spotlight

A look into the theater department.


Students in thespians club rehearse their lines.

Kara Cohen, Writer

Members of the Thespian group are starting to work on their pieces so they can go and compete. The Thespians compete in district competitions and if they succeed, they move on to state finals.  The district competitions are in November.

“My goals this year are for us to bring home trophies at Thespians. Also for us to go there and experience what it’s all been about for both my middle school and high school teams and for them to love and enjoy the experience so much that they want to continue,” Acting Teacher and Thespians director Mrs. Aspacia Lindstrom said.

Mrs. Lindstrom tries to pick pieces that her students will be all right working with and that works with what they want to do. Some of her students have done some sort of theater before and for some of the students this is their first time ever doing anything like this.

“It’s my first time in Thespians but not in theater. I’ve done a couple of plays that I have been Jasmine in, and I was also in the schools production of Lion King Jr,” Freshman Nevaeh Jackson said.

Since a lot of them have been in theater they know the do’s and don’ts of theater. For example, they know not to turn there back to the stage unless they are told to in the script or by the director. If they have done theater before or not there is still a bunch of different things they need to prepare for before they go to perform.

“Thespians is when you recite and perform a piece from a play like monologues and one acts. We usually practice monologues and act out the one acts we will be competing with,” Freshman Grace Rinconeno said.

In Thespians or theater in general it can be a little frustrating and overwhelming to sometimes get on stage. For some performers the knowledge of knowing that you are getting judged on what your competing is a little scary so they get the nerves of being up there.

“I would like to be less anxious doing plays because I’m so afraid to talk in front of people so that’s like one of my goals in Thespians,” Freshman Neveah Jackson.

Everyone has the same feeling of being scared when they first start and by the end, they are a little bit stronger in what they are doing. They are less scared and afraid by the end that there view point at the beginning is different then it is at the end.

“I cant wait to do thespians this year and all the fun to come this season with the troupe,” Freshman Grace Rinconeno said.