Benefits Of Participating In After School Activities

What benefits come from doing after school activities and programs and why you should put time and effort into these.


History teacher Steven Johnson playing DND with his Middle school students.

Kylie Fuller, Writer

Lots of students who participate in after school programs and activities are benefiting significantly from them.

“One of the great benefits is that at least for a club like dungeons and dragons it teaches a lot of things like teamwork and cooperation, social attraction, social skills it also gives them a safe place to kind of just be themselves and express themselves in a positive way,” History Teacher Steven Johnson said.

Lots of students, including Walker, believe every single one of those benefits are things that help our students in anything that they do whether it be in life or in school they will help you with whatever challenges come your way.

“It promotes a healthy lifestyle I would say, and you know a healthy lifestyle promotes a better way of preforming in the classroom and things of that nature,” Junior Walker Luc said.

These after school groups and activities help set students’ futures up for success. They supply you with all the tools you need to help you accomplish your goals and become successful in life.

“After school programs help your resume, for example if you’re trying to get into a college, you’re going to have the tools that you learned from your after-school program to help you with applications and scholarships,” Walker said

Students that take part in these programs or activities use these skills in their everyday life whether it is dance, dungeons and dragons, or the foreign language club.

“In some peoples case clubs better help with communication skills I know a lot of people especially in the world language club don’t have the best communication skills and that’s why it’s good to be part of a club were we specialize in communication. I used to have really bad communication skills and since becoming president I’ve really been able to work on that,” Junior Jadalyse Dominguez said.

After School programs make learning something that causes lots of stress to most students fun and a lot easier.

“People learn new stuff especially in the club that I’m in the foreign language club we can learn more about the Spanish culture and French culture and any other language they want to learn. They also make it fun by going places and setting up things for the school related to the club,”  Freshman Camille Vargas said.

Some of these clubs make learning easier and more fun than a regular class can be, plus gives you extra time and help in subjects.

“I think that it enhances the academics that you’re doing like you have academics but it’s not as entertaining as a club would be and I think this stimulates your brain in a different way,”  Sophomore Madeline Seaman said.

Students deal with a lot of stressful things all the time and things that are completely out of their control and use these after school programs as an escape and as a sense of freedom.

“It gives them a little bit of freedom to do what they want within the rules. It also gives them a place to come to when they need an escape or a place to take a break from everything that’s happening in life, and I feel like that’s a total benefit,”  Freshman Kamil Hernandez said.