Kiyauna Lewis


Kiara Torres, Section Editor

“I always talk to my mom about how I don’t know how to talk about myself, but I’m someone who strives to be like, a leader in certain things, which can be like, a bad and a good thing, you know, but I’m a very independent person. I like to create stuff and then push myself to do it. I’m a very motivated person, I  like motivating others, and just a very independent, charismatic, easy to talk to person, or at least I hope so. I’ve always had this dream ever since I was a kid, where I own my own business. It’s like a certain type of agency. It’s everything where there’s everyone with, like, a specific type of talent, like they can have someone to go to. And I also want, like, a whole, a therapist in there, you know. I’ve always wanted to learn multiple different areas of stuff. So I can be the person someone can go to. That’s kind of how I motivate myself is to, like, keep reminding myself constantly of my dream in the future.

I’m the secretary of my year, and I’m also the president of the literary club. So I think like, with the whole leadership thing, I’m doing pretty well. The first thing I need to do to even start my whole career is past high school, graduated high school. So I’m just taking things one step at a time by reminding myself of my dream, and trying to get all the checkpoints done to the bigger picture.

I want to go to Rollins College, hopefully, and study social entrepreneurship.

I want to become an entrepreneur, and also like, it’s about social acts, aspects and like impacting society and stuff? I’m kind of an activist for like, women’s rights and gays, gay rights and black rights and stuff like that. I want people to be able to see me as someone they can like look up to and I hopefully just want to impact others to be like, if you ever dream you could push through it, you know, like, I had to go through all this stuff when I was younger and deal with my whole sexuality and stuff and like on top of that I’m black, and it’s kind of a lot to handle society wise. So I just want someone to like, look up at me and see all this stuff that I had to go through and all the struggles I had, and still be able to do therapy, I’m still able to show up to work independently.

I want people to learn about me, you know, I mean, like, be in those history books. Oh, that would be history. Just want to leave a mark before I leave.”