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The Journey to Self-Acceptance

January 6, 2023

Many people struggle with loving themselves because of comments targeted at them in harmful ways.  

“In middle school some people would kind of bully me for my figure and like that kind of stuff and that made it hard for me,” Freshman Jaznei Hopkins said. 

Harsh comments towards someone at an early age can really mess with the way one sees oneself, especially when directed at someone’s body.  

“My grandpa…he would tell me I should lose weight and that he wants me to be happy because he loves me but someone who loves you wouldn’t tell you that,” Hopkins said.  

To some, family may be a key part in their life, therefore receiving negative remarks can impact someone’s ability to love themselves.  

“It took me a few years to finally come to terms and love myself,” Hopkins said. 

Although there is a difficult aspect of self-love that one must overcome, people eventually grow to love themselves, still it takes time. 

“My new boyfriend, he tells me I’m beautiful and I should not be insecure so that really helps making me feel more comfortable and that was kind of the turning point for me,” Hopkins said.  

In some cases, support from others is needed for someone to love themself. Having that little push from a loved one could be what someone needs on their journey to self-love. Reminding yourself of the good things about yourself could be a way of showing self-love. 

“I would say my amazing personality and my really good curly hair…  I’m very outgoing and energetic and I know how to talk to people,” Sophomore Godric Rivera said.  

Self-love can even show through characteristics that are not always physical. Some may find comfort and love in being social and being able to communicate well with others. Self-love can truly impact people in a variety of ways.  

“One time that I felt I was comfortable with myself was when I reflected on who I was when I appreciated myself as a person. I realized that I like my personality and not everyone has to like me. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think as long as I love myself,” Rivera said.  

It is only when we can take the time and appreciate everything good about us instead of feeding our brains negative comments that we can accept and love ourselves. The only opinion that matters is none other than your own.  

Despite the struggles an individual might have to face whether it be from bullying, destructive comments, or other challenges that could get in the way of the lengthy journey. Once someone reaches the final step to self-acceptance all the effort put in proves to be a benefit. The way people express self-love and what it means is different for everyone. 

As put by Jaznei  “For me it would just be feeling good about how you look and how your body is even if you’re like plus size or skinny self-love means loving how you are. “  

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