Nevaeh Jackson


Yorielis Negron, Writer

I grew up in America, but I’m mixed, I’m half Jamaican and half American. My dad is Jamaican and when he was my age he lived in the rougher side of Jamaica, which is not the best place right now, so I wish to be better than my father. I want to reach the stuff he couldn’t reach. I want to graduate college, I want to become professional at something and not just go to college and live on a 9 to 5 job. I want to do something that makes everybody know who I am, I want to stand out. I’m in the Thespians club, so I want to be an actor. Zendaya inspired me, she is a good actor and a flexible actor. Thespians are a big part of my life because they give me some armor. If I go to a Thespians college, I will have those well-known honors; It also gives me volunteering hours, so that’s a plus. I do want to be in one of those clubs where you can build your own things like creative thinking, like engineering club or Arts and Crafts. Traveling is something I want to do when I’m older because it helps me live. I like traveling, trying new food and meeting new people. I hate being quiet, so I just start conversations with people. My friends do say I’m very comforting and I’m someone they can rely on, but some people say I’m annoying and can be very chatty.