The Homecoming Experience

How do students make homecoming night to remember?

Camila Blanco

Homecoming is one  of the most anticipated and important nights throughout the high school experience.

“I think homecoming is a big deal because most of the time its related to sports, also it is a huge deal for schools because it’s a big dance where students can have fun,” Senior Isaiah Smith said.

Homecoming has been around for many years and celebrated in most schools. It is a wonderful experience for students in high school to have fun with friends and dance. It is a way for students to get out of their comfort zone, socialize, and not have to think about stuff they are going through or struggling with.

“My favorite part about homecoming other than the dancing is the getting ready part, honestly it’s so fun then at the end you feel good about yourself,” Sophomore Adriel Cruz said.

Getting dressed and feeling good about yourself really helps encourage confidence and affects the whole mood and self-esteem. For example, in a school dance when a student student does not  like how they look, they are most likely to be unhappy for most of the time there.

“I think going with someone is way more special because liking a person just makes your whole life way better somehow and you’re just so happy to be around them even for a moment,” Sophomore Devonte Coreus said.

A lot of students ask someone they like or are interested in the homecoming dance because they really like them and at the dance they can spend time together, dance, and have fun. Sometimes after the dance or during it they will ask the person they like out.

“I would recommend students to go to homecoming because I feel like it is a really great experience because you get to hang out with friends or your date plus you can get all fancy and express yourself in your clothes,” Cruz said.

Students’ self-expression is also important and having those school dances and events can really help them be more themselves, escape reality for a bit and just have fun in the moment. Later in the future they will look back at these memories and see how much fun they had in their high school experience.

“Personally, this  will be my second Homecoming and it is just a part of every high schooler’s experience if they decide to go, it is just honestly just a major event that happens every year and I would keep going until my last year of high school,” Coreus said.

Students often find homecoming to be a large part of the “High school experience”. (Kate Stout)