What’s with Kanye?

Kanye West through the eyes of students.


Aniyah Martin

Graphic by Aniyah Martin.

Aniyah Martin

Popular rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Kanye West has recently given his fans a shock with his comments regarding Jewish people and other harmful remarks Students are expressing different opinions because of these comments and determining if they still like Kanye.  

Some students may have a more negative opinion on Kanye now due to his recent actions even considering all his previous accomplishments in the music industry.  

“Kanye is an incredibly talented artist and clearly many people look up to him, but I think it’s such a shame that he’s using his platform and his voice the way he is. I think he impacted the music industry and paved the way for a lot of young black rappers, but I wish he wasn’t the person he is sometimes. The loss of a mother figure is something his fans shouldn’t excuse his actions with,” Freshman Rashika Alam said.  

Kanye has left a mark on different groups of people and upcoming artists which could possibly lead to other music artists taking a controversial route in their career. Some students think that his actions and hateful comments should not be ignored. Others feel and believe that his actions are excusable because of tricky situations he was undergoing. 

“I think that he’s just very misunderstood people don’t understand that he’s just mentally unstable because of all the stuff he’s been through in his life. So, it’s like when you’re a celebrity you can’t do anything wrong, and you have to be perfect but like he just made a little mistake because he went through so much and he’s acting out on it and now everyone’s putting a label on him,” Sophomore Nia Martin said. 

The opinions on Kanye West from students are truly mixed. While some students take West’s actions to heart others brush it off and see it as nothing but a slight mistake. When separating Kanye from his music, students still stand on different sides expressing different opinions. 

“I think I can, but it definitely won’t be the same listening to his art. I can understand why some people can’t because there’s no taking back what he said. For example, when he tweeted something about when he wakes up, he is going death con on all Jewish people and then the next tweet was him trying to justify his actions, “ Alam said. 

Kanye West had also spoken on a sensitive topic about Hitler and Jewish people because of this some Jewish students felt targeted ultimately leaving them to oppose him.  

“I think Kanye’s recent actions are horrible because he’s being dismissive of all the Jewish communities. All the hardships with Hitler and he’s speaking against them in a very ridiculing way,” Sophomore Godric Rivera said.  

There might always be diversity when it comes to the opinions on Kanye West to the students because some students explain how they have negative opinions on him because of comments targeted at a certain group that they associate with. While some do not pay much attention to his previous comments and continue to idolize him and his music. 

“I don’t really know how to feel about him, but I don’t exactly hate Kanye for what he has done because I have always been a major fan of his music and him. With that said you know…I know some other kids don’t agree with me because maybe they felt targeted for whatever reason,” Freshman Chanyce Mcintosh said.