Luis Eduardo Lugo-Reveron


Luis Lugo sitting under a tree in his Boy Scouts Uniform

Rhea Pallares, Writer

“After I graduate, I am planning currently to go to UCF or USF to study biology so I can become a veterinarian.

I am in the Boy Scouts. Three years ago, I did a merit badge called horsemanship, we basically treated horses, and we rode them. I found that really fun, So I just kept pursuing stuff like that. I have worked with cows, dogs, cats, and all types of animals. I really enjoy that, So I am looking to work more in the future. My father, who was a boy scout, he actually made the highest rank, which is Eagle Scout, so did all my uncles and my mom helped them in the process. Everyone in my family has basically been in Boy Scouts since they were young. And then my brother would join when he was seven. So, I was around two years old. So, I have basically been in Boy Scouts, as long as I can remember. I just kept going, because I enjoyed it. They gave us a chance to get out. I got out for about four months, and I realized I missed it. So, I got back in, and it is just a lot of fun. I am still in Boy Scouts, I am currently attempting to reach the highest rank, which is Eagle Scout. I have a lot of friends there too. So, we do projects, and we go out, we go camping and stuff like that, it is really fun.

I did a program about three weeks ago called NYT; it is National Youth Leadership Training. Basically, they trained me to be a better leader and a better indicator. They also taught me how to deal with people, resolve problems and conflicts, and how to address personally speaking to them, how to make speeches. My favorite memories of high school would have to be probably outside high school like our senior skip day, where we basically went out, have fun, and ran around. I applied to four colleges, and I have not gotten an answer back from any of them, so I am worried that I won’t get into college.

Get a jumpstart on your college stuff. Do not say ‘Oh, I have years to fix my grades. I don’t have to worry about SATs do it all when you have the time because it is your senior year and if you were not properly educated on what you want to do when you have to go to college like I was, so basically right now, I am stressing I am speeding through most requirements I have to get my GPA up. I am taking college classes to bring it up. I have to take my SATs again, because I didn’t do that well in them and I never took them before 12th grade. So, basically just get a head start on everything that has to do with college because it is frustrating when you get there, and you don’t have everything planned out.

I would tell myself to stop worrying that much about friends because they come and go and most of the time you will have friends. It is not like you are going to be lonely, just focus on your grades. Eventually, you will have time like that is one thing I never really noticed. Even If you focus on schoolwork and you focus on your friends, you will always have time to do what you want because it is not that complicated to sustain both, it is not one or the other.”